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This page is work in progress, it is my intention that it will be populated with links which I believe to be of use to photographers. But... it isn't my intention for it to be a competitor to your search engine.

Joe Cornish

Is my number one go to photographer when I'm in need of inspiration. He is a very well respected professional photographer, I would recommend any photographer to visit his gallery in Northallerton. Alternative you could visit his on line gallery via this link:-

Joe Cornish Photographer

Nigel Dalton

Nigel is very experienced photographer and Web Blogger, he's someone who I consider to be a friend and a great photography companion. It's always a pleasure to meet up with him and catch up on our respective photography wish lists. Nigel's Blog and photography site can be viewed via the following link:-

Nigel Dalton Photography

Alun Davies

Is a South Wales based photographer whom I have shared trips to various UK locations with as part of a group of like minded photographers. Alun is a gentleman and a scholar. I greatly admire his photography. You can see his work via the following link:-

Alun Davies Photography

Alex Scott

Is another photographer with whom I've shared a number of photography trips with. Its always a pleasure to meet up with Alex to capture wonderful landscape images. Have a look at his inspirational landscape photography from around Britain by visiting his web site:-

Alex Scott

Cambridge in Colour

Is an on line photography forum aimed at a worldwide audience the aim of which is to be a "A Learning Community for Photographers". The site, as well as a forum has very concise tutorials and other sources of information for photographers.  I highly recommend this web site and forum which an be visited via the following link:-

Cambridge in Colour

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